For your protection, this is how it will work. submit this free estimate form and we will get back to you within 72 business hours for the next step.



Fill out the form below to get a free estimate, and our professional team will
comunicate with you further and will do the estimate for you. 

DOCUMENTS: Please send us all tax forms that you received, and all other documents related to your tax return such as:

  • W2 Forms
  • 1099 Forms
  • 1095-A Form
  • K1 Forms
  • Business/Rental Income Total 
  • Business/Rental Expenses 
  • Stock Statement
  • Other Forms 

THIS INFORMATION IS NEEDED: Please send us the information that is applicable to you:

  • Phone Number 
  • Your Full Name
  • Full Name of Spouse
  • Copy of your ID or Driver’s License
  • Dependents' Full Names 
  • Social Security Numbers (yours, spouse, and all dependents)
  • Birthdays (yours, spouse, and all dependents)
  • Current Address
  • Business Name 
  • Business EIN


If you can't come in person, we can do it remotely.

Submit your information with documents by clicking "UPLOAD DOCUMENTS".


After we present you the estimate and you want us to file the return, you will need to send us the following:

 - Pay us (by the card, paypal, zelle or over the phone)

 - E-sign Documents

When it will be ready to file, we will call for the verification over the phone and to e-file your return, and you will receive the final copy of  the return there after by email. 

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